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Bald Eagles Nesting Near Proposed Pipeline Site

Wildlife officials said some bald eagles have made themselves a home in one part of Susquehanna County.

The game commission said there is an active nest in Union Dale.

The problem is the nest is not far from where a gas company plans to put a pipeline.

In one scenic part of Susquehanna County, many people can be found enjoying Stillwater Lake or taking a ride on a bike, and now there's even more of a reason to get outside in Union Dale.

Some bald eagles have made themselves a home there.

"This is such a nice bike trail along here and now to have eagles too, that's wonderful," said Wanda Juersivich.

Marvin Benson said he's seen the giant birds several times when he's been fishing.

"Such big majestic birds and they're very graceful. They come in, they go to the lake, they hit what they want and they go back," said Benson.